Eshop Design

EShop design with high investements' performance


EShop Design for high ROI

EShop construction is not an easy case as its success depends in many different factors. Nitereso is by your side to provide you with complete solutions for your Eshop, aiming to increase sales, customer base and profit.
We make for you a complete online store with a beautiful appearance, speed and ease in navigation, both from desktop, tablet and smartphones. Offering easy navigation, we ensure the elegance in the presentation of your products and that your visitors stay on your online store. At the same time, we ensure the security of your transactions.

Increase your profits with online sales. Don't leave your products and services in obscurity. We have the means and the knowledge to make you stand out in your field with online sales! We take care of the creation, maintenance and photos of your products. We make EShops that meet your real needs, provide solutions to your problems and increase your sales.


Eshop Design

  • Eshop με responsive web design, ώστε να εμφανίζονται σωστά σε όλες τις ψηφιακές συσκευές.

    Responsive Web design.

    Nitereso creates fast, responsive, well functional and attractive websites that are equally user friendly for PC and mobile users.

  • SEO ιστοσελίδων, είναι η διαδικασία κατά την οποία βελτιώνουμε την ορατότητα του website της επιχείρησής σας στις μηχανές αναζήτησης της Google

    SEO Friendly

    Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of improving your e-shop’s visibility in search results in Google in order to attract prospective and existing clients.

  • ERP Integration Συγκεντρώνουμε και οργανώνουμε business data μέσω ενός ενσωματωμένου λογισμικού.

    ERP Integration

    Gathering and organising business data through an integrated software.

  • open cart logo


    E-shop construction with Open-cart, which provides a professional and reliable foundation from which we build a successful online store.

  • To Woo-commerce θα κάνει το e-shop σας ένα πολύ ισχυρό διαδικτυακό κατάστημα.


    A worldwide e-commence platform, which is plugin for WordPress. This will make your e-shop a very powerful online store.


Frequent Asked Questions for Digital Marketing

  • Does it worth it to have an EShop for my business?

    The answer is Yes and immediately do this, while the Eshop is a given nowadays.
    The construction of an Eshop means that all your products are available not only locally but also via internet all over the world. Services and sales can be automated easily for you and customers. The benefits of an Eshop are many: accessibility of customers while you can sale your products globally and also rise your brand awareness. Meanwhile, the availability of sales 24/7 and last but not least you can use various digital marketing strategies aiming at promoting your business and products.

  • How an EShop becomes successful?

    The amount of success an Eshop has depends on various factors that have to do with the Brand, the product itself, the technical design of the Eshop and finally the marketing strategies that will be followed.

    1.Construction by experienced web developer experts.

    1. Modern design methods
    2. Fast and responsive/mobile friendly website
    3. SEO friendly website
      5.Digital marketing via Social Media and Google Ads
    4. High quality photography material.
    5. Competitive products’ prices.
    6. Real Drive to take care your Eshop.
  • Why it is important to have SEO on my website?

    SEO is a process of ranking an EShop or website on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) organically. Through SEO, your Eshop can rank on the organic results of Google. SEO also helps to build trust and credibility for your Eshop. Every business wants to beat its competitors and wants to rank higher in the organic results. Furthermore, SEO impacts the buying cycle and can help to increase the engagement, traffic, conversions and sales.

  • Is maintenance and optimisation of my EShop essential?

    From the moment the web developer specialist constructs your Eshop it is essential to follow constantly update procedures in order the website runs smoothly, is safe for online transactions, is fast and doesn’t have errors. With all the updates it is also important to optimise SEO. Υour competitors make also SEO optimisation in order to rank high on search engines results so whoever updates SEO frequently will rank higher.