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Professional hotel photography is probably one of the most important elements in designing a successful sales strategy and developing your hotel identity.
Proper photography is one of your most powerful tools to attract your potential customers, both through your hotel website and through OTAs, increasing your customer bookings..

Επαγγελματική φωτογράφιση  πισίνας ξενοδοχείου στα Χανιά

lyttos beach interior pool at gym

It is common to come across high quality accommodation, with very poor photographic material which has a negative effect on their overall sales, since the product is not presented in full. Most of the time the hoteliers fail to understand the importance of the high quality and aesthetics of the photographic material but also of the ways in which it can increase their sales, as a result of which the right investment is not made in this important energy.

lyttos beach Receprion Photography

Φωτογράφιση για  το ξενοδοχείο Arina Beach

Είσοδος στο Lyttos Beach με την εκκλησία

ikaros beach spa pool

At Nitereso we have experienced photographers with sufficient experience in the hotel industry. We use high-resolution cameras, architectural lenses (Tilt and Shift) to avoid distortions and achieve architectural symmetry. For aerial photography, the latest technology and high definition Drones are used, which are managed only by certified drone pilots from the Civil Aviation Authority.

aerial drone photography Lyttos Beach

 Drone photography for hotels in Crete

aerial photography for Nana Princess Hotel

Φωτογράφιση μοντέλου για  το ξενοδοχείο Golden Bee

Our website has several projects that our experienced team has done and could inform you about how your accommodation should be presented on social media.

Φωτογράφιση Βιλών Ηράκλειο απο την Nitereso

reception desk  at Iolida Beach hotel chania