Great advices that will make your Instagram account to succeed

Συμβουλές για το Instagram  του ξενοδοχείου σας

Technology makes big steps forward everyday and everything evolves with it. The Internet has unfolded a different era and broaden the horizons by making the hospitality industry more accessible and inspiring people to travel more.
According to many research, more than 50% of people between 18-65 years old, make a booking basis on an Instagram post and how “instagramable” is the place that they will visit. For these and many more reasons Instagram is nowadays the most important platform for others to discover your lodge if you create a successful storytelling for your business.

1. Business profile

First thing that should be done is to turn your Instagram account to business so that it has access to many tools which will assist the promotion of your profile. Don’t forget to connect your Instagram profil with your Facebook account.

2. Username

The username on Instagram should be clean and simple, ideally the same as your business name.

3. Content

Choose the colors and style that suits your accommodation’s profile and prefer panoramic photos and videos of the lodge with artistic style and natural, professional result.

4. Hashtag και captions

You can create your own hashtags, that should be short and meaningful. Branded hashtags are an excellent way to push the user-generated content.

5. Instagram Stories

Don’t forget to keep your followers updated with instastories that stay on your profile for 24hours, and which can help you announce news, offers, backstage videos and photos. You can make one story permanent in your profile by highlighting it.

6. Always reply to your clients

You should never neglect to comment on your customers' comments on Instagram. Upload posts regularly, 2-3 times per week is the ideal number of posts. Take a video of your lodge and business and upload it to instastories so that your followers see how your accommodation is besides the buildings.

Last but not least, don’t forget to write at your Instagram bio the link of your website in order your followers make their bookings easily.